Kit Guidelines when Canoeing or Kayaking

There is a wealth of excellent kit available nowadays for paddling. When participating in a watersport you will enjoy the experience much more if dressed appropriately and comfortably and be safer should the weather dictate. Like the scout motto it pays to ‘be prepared’.

This article is only meant as a guide of what to wear and what to take with you when you are planning a trip out on the water.

Always take spare warm clothing should the weather change quickly or you capsize your boat. There are many sizes and makes of dry bags, dry sacks or barrels on the market to carry this in, some with an attachment to enable it to be attached to the boat.
The bare essentials should include the following items:
  • Thermal underwear (be careful when purchasing as some base layer thermals actually hold onto the water rather than shed it and dry quickly)
  • A good quality waterproof designed for paddling. This does not have to be an expensive cagoule, there are some pretty good designs in the budget ranges nowadays.
  • A buoyancy aid (also known as PFD). Again one designed for paddling and does not have to be expensive. Although some people see this as unnecessary if you should capsize it gives you time to think about what to do next and will help you stay afloat whilst you recover.
  • Spray deck - kayaks only. Only advisable if you feel confident with one on.
  • Throw Line - you never know when another paddler may need your help.

Other kit such as watersports shoes or boots, gloves, helmets, paddling trousers etc can be purchased as and when you want them. Always good ideas for your birthday or Christmas wish lists.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need further advice regarding any equipment or clothing for paddling. Got a budget to work to, then why not let us quote for the best options to suit you.

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